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Since I was a young person, I had the conviction to get into a career path that would make a difference in the world. I believe working with individuals is a great start. I know that those of us that feel most misunderstood have some of the greatest gifts to give. I believe we all have a story and I seek to make space for people to tell and rewrite theirs. This interest led me to study psychology, social work and eventually full time work with incarcerated individuals dealing with many issues and oppressive systems. As a Licensed Psychotherapist in the greater Miami area, I am committed to the well-being of all my clients of all identities. I truly care for all of my clients, and work diligently to help them find the answers they seek. For 7 years now, I have worked with a variety of individuals dealing with circumstances that are unique to their lives.


I have a passion to help the misunderstood and marginalized feel understood and validated. Decolonial, anti-oppressive and liberation theories are pivotal aspects of my personal and professional perspective. Deconstructing the pervasive effects of colonialization has liberated me of some shame and anxiety that resulted from  pathologizing myself. I use my personal experience to empathize with clients and Intersectionality perspectives to address internalized racism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia and other issues. Along side CBT, strengths based approach and client centered therapy to empower and provide tools to my clients. We all deserve to enjoy the lives we seek to live and therapy is a great tool to help us achieve that goal. 



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

786- 243-6082

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